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Time and Attendance Management

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Time and Attendance Management

Time theft as a concept may seem to be rather incidental, but if you have never stopped to look at how it is impacting your business, you may be selling yourself short. One recent study shows that the average employee steals approximately 4.5 hours per week from their employer. Overall, that amounts to six full work weeks annually and costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year worldwide.

  1. The application records attendance data on web and mobile application.
  2. The mobile application is GPS-based and has an image capturing feature using near field communication (NFC) card.
  3. The mobile application can capture attendance on field for individual, as well as, group of employees.
  4. Leaves can be applied by using mobile application.
  5. Automated setting captures overtime.
  6. Digital timesheet
  1. Makes it easy to manage workforce attendance, even if the labor moves from project to project.
  2. Detailed project-wise cost allocation report generated based on manhour.
  3. Labour force can apply for leaves via the mobile application thereby reducing paper work and increasing efficiency of labour management.
  4. Attendance can be pushed into workflow management for approval
  5. Overtime will be captured accurately as per the setting thereby reducing manhour theft.
  6. Avoids duplication of labor and man hour on timesheets.
  7. Digital timesheet reduces approval time and cost in terms of paper work.
  8. Versioning of digital timesheet avoids malpractice at the user’s end.

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